About hundalhh

Mathematician, Computer Scientist, Engineer. Into Machine Learning, Games, Philosophy, and Psychology.


 Over the last few weeks, I have been enjoying learning some new math called “category theory”.  I noticed something the other day.  Even when I am tired, I can often study category theory and sometimes, after an hour of studying, I’m no longer tired.  So category theory fits two related patterns for me:
  • Studying category theory seems to energize me a bit even when I’m tired,  (energizer pattern)
  • I can study category theory when I am tired and feel like I’m learning something useful.  (low energy progress pattern)
   My mother uses a program called Mnemosyne to learn German.  She also can learn German even when she is tired by using Mnemosyne.  Mnemosyne also keeps track of which words you have learned and displays the number of words in your memory as you use it, so you know that you are making measurable progress.  (Typically an average person will learn 1 word for every three minutes of study with Mnemosyne if they consistently study the same amount of time every day.)
   I’m wondering if everyone should try to find their “energizer patterns” or even “low energy progress” patterns.  Does everyone have these patterns?  I don’t even know for sure if these patterns will persist.  Ask me in a year.